Wrestling is the toughest and most rewarding sport a scholastic athlete can do.  It teaches discipline and perseverance while building unmatched mental and physical strength.  The legendary wrestler and coach Dan Gable famously says “once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy.”  Here are a few key points to consider when selecting wrestling as a sport for your child.

1.  Most of the wrestling you see on TV is not the sport of wrestling.

TV “wrestlers” are tremendous athletes and performers, but they are not sport competitors.  Your child will not be trash-talking his opponents, throwing chairs in a ring, or wearing flashy costumes.

2.  Wrestling is safe.

While wrestling could rightly be called the ultimate contact sport, the rules of wrestling and the nature of the contact (grappling as opposed to high-speed hits and tackles) result in a very safe environment for your child athlete.  The great thing about wrestling is that you can go all-out within the confines of the rules without undue risk of injury.

3.  There is no “starting lineup” in junior wrestling.

In many popular team sports, the varsity or “first string” athletes compete far more than other team members.  In wrestling tournaments every wrestlers gets the same opportunity to compete, typically in double-elimination brackets.

4.  Wrestling IS a team sport.

There is a commonly repeated misnomer that wrestling is not a team sport.  While it is true that wrestling competition is one-on-one, every wrestler’s success depends vitally on the practice they get with their team mates.

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