Sprayberry Jr Wrestling Online Registration Instructions

To be ready for the season, you will need to do the following 4 things:

  1. Register with Sprayberry Wrestling Club
    1. Please complete the Online Registration Form, takes 2 minutes (wrestler information only)
    2. Club Registration Form and Fees ($125), due at the Pre-Season Banquet
    3. Wrestling Singlet ($10/year in the form of a $50 Deposit and $40 buy back at season’s end)
    4. This is approx. 75 hours of training that calculates to about $1.96 per hour.
  2. Purchase or renew a wrestler’s USA Wrestling Card, each year ($35)
    1. This provides a level of athlete Insurance and
    2. Is required to Register for Weekly Tournaments
    3. Is required to Weigh-in at Weekly Tournaments
  3. Create a Team Georgia Tournament Registration Site account.  (FREE)
    1. You will create a PARENT account
    2. You will “Attach” your wrestler to your PARENT account.
    3. This site is used to sign up for weekly tournaments.  ($15/event)
  4. Visit and bookmark the TrackWrestling website  (FREE)
    1. This site will publish Tournament Brackets typically on Friday prior to the event
    2. You can print your son’s bracket and take with you to the tournament to follow along.

Detailed instructions follow, and you can use the links in the list above to skip forward to a particular section.

If you prefer a hard copy, here’s a PDF: how-to-online.

Register with Sprayberry Wrestling Club

Wrestling is a great sport that balances Strength, Knowledge, Technique, and Execution.  We offer an Open Practice for the first 2 weeks so that you can give it a try without obligation.  Registration consist of completing a one page contact sheet and payment of $125 to the Club.

Please see the Junior Jacket Cooridator, with any registration questions.

During matches, the wrestlers wear a uniform called a Singlet.  The team will provide a Singlet to the wrestlers at a cost of $10 per season in the form of a $50 deposit and a $40 buy back (for singlets in good condition).  Singlets typically lasts 5 years, so this price is set to cover the usage cost of the singlet.

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How to Get a USA Wrestling Card for Your Wrestler ($35)

1.  In your web browser, navigate to the Team Georgia Wrestling, USA Memebership Card page by using the following link:

USAW Membership Card – through the Team Georgia Wrestling Site

2.  Follow the online questions to obtain your New or Renewal USAW Card.

a. You should select:  Folkstyle as your wrestling style

a. Make sure you select:  Sprayberry Junior Jacket Wrestling Club for your club.

b. Please read the instructions on the page.  If you are purchasing a card for the first time, you will be assigned a temporary wrestler number.  You will need to then wait a few days until a number is assigned in order to print out a good USAW card for your son.

3. If you are purchasing a USAW membership for the first time, you will have a temporary USAW card number (99999999).  Save a copy of this page for your records and return to Team Georgia > Memeberships > Print Cards in 7 to 14 days and click on “Print Cards” at the top to get a card with your permanent number.  Do not go on to the next steps in this how-to guide until you have your permanent USAW number.

4.  Your completed card should resemble the following.

5.  Print this page (note that you only need to print the first page that contains the card) and cut out the card.  We recommend laminating the card and attaching it to your wrestling bag with a luggage tag.  You will need your wrestler’s USAW card for every weigh-in and tournament.   I typically print 4 copy of this card.

  1. 1 for the wrestler’s equipment bag
  2. 1 for dad’s wallet
  3. 1 for mom’s wallet
  4. 1 left at home.

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How to Register for Tournaments ($15 per Tournament)

1.  From your browser, navigate to the Tournament Registration Site.

a. You can get to this from our Home page

b. You can get to this from the Team Georgia Wrestling page.

2.  If haven’t registered on this site before, click on the “Create Account”.  Note that for USAW and Trackwrestling you registered your wrestler(s) as themselves.  On this site you’ll register as a parent and add wrestlers to your profile.  Use your email address as your user name.

3.  One time only, you will need to attach your wrestler to your account.  On the Home page of the Team Georgia Registration site there is a “blue” link named, “Add a Wrestler”.  Select this link and follow the instructions to attach your wrestler.

4.  At the top of the screen under the “Home” tab, click on “Register for Tournament(s)”.  This will display a list of tournaments depicted as posters.

5.  Click on the tournament for which you want to register.   You’ll usually click the link in the last box, “I AM STARTING a NEW REGISTRATION…”, which will take you to the registration page for the tournament.

6.  On the tournament registration page, click on your wrestler’s name in the upper left box, which will bring up another box below it.  In the lower left box that just popped up, click on the check box next to “Folkstyle”, select the age range for your wrestler in the “Select Class” drop-down list, your wrestler’s weight class in the “Registration Weight” drop-down list and your wrestler’s actual weight below that.  Make sure your wrestler’s weight class (the first weight) is at least as much as the actual weight (we recommend padding by at least a full pound – if you don’t make weight, you don’t wrestle and there are no registration fee refunds).  Once you’ve made these selections, an “Add Registration” button will appear.  Click on it and follow the instructions to pay for your registration.

You’ll follow steps 4 through 6 throughout the season each time you register your wrestler(s) for a tournament.

Here are some tips for helping your wrestler get the most out of his experience.

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How to Sign Up with Track Wrestling (Free)

Typically on Friday by noon. the wrestling brackets for the upcomming weekend will be posted to the Track Wrestling website.  It is always a good ides to visit this site sometime Friday evening and print your son’s bracket to bring with you to the tournament.  This will help you know which Mat your son will be wrestling on and it will provide his first Match Number.  Win or Loose, you will be on top of the game with knowing the next match numbers.  This will also help you identify other wrestlers in his group.

  1. In your web browser, navigate to the Track Wrestling website at the following address:
  2. [Screen Shot goes here]
  3. Scroll through the list of tournaments in the center of the screen until you find the tournament that you are registered for.
  4. Select the Tournament and choose to Enter Tournament.
  5. There will be an option to virew the bracket along hte left hand navigation.

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